As a photographer, I view the world through a creative lens. This creativity has led me to many adventures, and has given me the chance to collaborate with some truly talented individuals. I’m always searching for more opportunities to explore further, continue growing and expand my skill set. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.

Please consider sponsoring my volunteer projects I have planned in 2022.

In May, I will be traveling to Phuket through Photographers Without Borders to help spread awareness of all the good

Soi Dog Foundation

is doing to help

street dogs and cats all across Thailand.

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In November, I will be working with Children of Hope Orphanage in Tanzania to teach life skills and take pictures for the foundation.

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From all of us at

Photographers Without Borders,

we envision a future where storytelling inspires action and drives meaningful change towards a decolonized, united world.

Change the story, change everything.